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The Natural Water Cycle


The Natural Water Cycle


understanding the water cycle

Water is something we often take for granted. From the lakes and streams we play and fish in, to the water we use everyday to clean and nourish our bodies, water plays an important part in our lives. It’s a natural resource that we simply can’t live without. That’s why it’s our responsibility to protect our water resources for the next generation. In order to do that, we need to better understand the water cycle and how it works.



what is groundwater?


  • Water that collects underground, filling cracks and spaces in layers of sand, gravel and rock
  • Layers of earth that hold enough groundwater to supply a well are referred to as aquifers
  • Rain and snow runoff recharge the groundwater supply
  • Pollutants can seep into the groundwater making it unsafe to use

how is it used?

  • Groundwater makes up nearly 50% of the drinking water in the State of Michigan
  • Groundwater is used for agricultural irrigation and a variety of industrial and business purposes


what is surface water?

  • Rain water and runoff that collects in lakes, rivers, streams and wetlands on the earth’s surface
  • Surface water also comes from groundwater

how is it used?

  • Surface waters provide a natural habitat for wildlife
  • As a recreational area for the people of our community
  • Interconnected with groundwater—our source of drinking water



watershed brochure

Help protect our surface water from dangerous pollutants! Download our watershed brochure for more information and things you can do to help out.