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The City of Battle Creek obtains all its drinking water from groundwater. This groundwater is pumped from the prolific sandstone aquifer know as the Marshall Aquifer, which a large aquifer system situated under much of lower Michigan. The water is pumped to the surface at the Verona Well Field (VWF), where it is treated and distributed to residential, commercial and industrial water users. The VWF provides water to the Cities of Battle Creek and Springfield and portions of Bedford, Emmett, Leroy and Pennfield Townships.

Some residents may get their water from a personal well on their property instead of City water. These residents can find helpful information regarding well testing at the Calhoun County Health Department website.

Learn about the City of Battle Creek’s efforts to keep our Wellfield safe.

Water in the Marshall aquifer moves from recharge areas in the northern and southern areas eastward to Saginaw Bay and westward to Lake Michigan, where the water is discharged.

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Krazy for the Kazoo, powered entirely by volunteers, cleans up many miles of the Kalamazoo River, taking care of places with illegal dumping problems, planting new trees, removing problematic invasive plants, and much more.

The Battle Creek Area Clean Water Partners River Clean-up Event typically takes place on the first Saturday of October every year. Pre-registration is preferred. Check the events page for more information.