the wellhead protection plan

To protect drinking water in our county, Wellhead Protection Plans have been developed for six communities: the City of Battle Creek, the City of Albion, the City of Marshall, Pennfield Township, and the Village of Athens. Elements include:

  • A pro-active initiative to prevent contamination
  • A designated wellhead protection area around each well field
  • Land use and zoning ordinances when new construction occurs within the area to prevent potential contamination
  • A contingency plan in case a contamination incident occurs


Who Approved the Wellhead Protection Plan?

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) approved the wellhead protection plan through the statewide program. The program is voluntary and was developed in response to 1986 amendments to the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. Battle Creek’s plan for the Verona Well Field was approved in September 2000. A plan to protect the community’s backup well Field, Columbia, was approved in September 2001. For further information about the statewide program, visit the Department of Environmental Quality website.


Who Developed the Plan?

The plan was developed by a committee consisting of citizens with an interest in protecting our water resources, known as the WHPP Team.